Friday, 9 September 2011

Accubrush Paint Edgers reviews


Accubrush Professional Kit
Dear Reader

 A lot of our customers keep asking us about the customer's review of the Accubrush products on the net: it seems to be confusing because of the huge difference between reviews. Some of them are very negative and some are very positive. 
At Easy Walls we started gathering customer’s feedback to understand the problem. After a few months of hard work we could identify a few problems that make a lot of customers dissatisfied with the product.

There are a few obvious things that must be understood about the Accubrush Paint Edgers:
1.              The Accubrush Paint Edgers will only work on straight edges: in other words if the edge is not in a straight line the Accubrush Paint edger is more likely not to work. It works well around door frames, windows, on top of skirting boards – they all have a straight line edge.
2.              Because of the design the Accubrush Paint Edgers will not be able to reach the edge if we try to edge a corner against heavily structured ceiling or a wall.
3-5% of all the customers have experienced the above problems.

Around 65% of all customers have failed to simply read and follow the manual. It is much easier to say that the product does not work then reading the manual, especially when you have 30 days money back guarantee. But that is the answer to the difference in the customer’s review that we find online.

Accubrush Paint Edgers are very easy to use products but they will not work if you do not read and strictly follow the manuals.

After identifying the problem we started to work on the instructional video that we plan to supply with every purchase for free. It is sometimes easier to watch the demo video then reading boring manuals.

Meanwhile, we ask our customers to read the manual supplied with every product.

Accubrush Paint Edger is a great idea that really works and we want you to get all the benefits of the system.

Buy one today and cut your painting time in half.

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  1. if the video you supply with every purchase for free put it online so we can see befor we buy